Striking off in the British Virgin Islands

Recent amendments to the BVI Companies Act (Revised) have introduced significant changes to the strike off regime and restoration process. We outline the process and implications around strike off and dissolution of BVI companies under the new regime and the temporary transitional period which is currently in force.

BVI Business Companies Annual Financial Return (AFR) – a guide

As noted in our previous updater, amendments to the BVI Business Companies Act (Revised) came into force on 1 January 2023 introducing the requirement for BVI companies to file an annual financial return (AFR) with their registered agent. The BVI Business Companies (Financial Return) Order, 2023 (the Order) enacted in March, details (1) the form of the AFR, (2) the due and filing dates, and (3) entities exempted from filing the AFR.

We provide a comprehensive guide to the AFR requirements and what BVI companies need to know in order to be ready to prepare their AFR.

Private Equity as an Asset Class

As an administrator, we use our experience to help managers and investors alike in understanding the complexities of the private equity space. We understand that not all investors are familiar with this asset class, making it a challenging proposition to investors who are otherwise more accustomed to the liquidity, information flow and timing associated with the public market. We that find our knowledge around effective performance metrics is helpful to new managers and investors navigating the area and have produced a short explainer for those new to the asset class.

Hong Kong Companies Ordinance: Reduction of capital

The Companies Ordinance (Cap 622) (CO) introduced a company-led court-free process for reduction of share capital in 2014.  This followed in the wake of the removal of the requirement for companies to have an authorised capital, which in turn followed a trend globally of removing restrictions in the handling of company capital that has swept up major common law countries such as the UK and Australia.