Corporate Services

Our team of highly experienced, multi-lingual and professional staff including lawyers, accountants and HKICS will assist with incorporation and management of companies in Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK and offshore jurisdictions.

Across the jurisdictions, our corporate services include:

Formation Services
  • Establishing companies and partnerships in multiple jurisdictions
  • Advice on best type of structure
  • Production of articles of incorporation
  • Assistance in obtaining business or professional authorisation and tax registration
  • Coordination with other service providers, such as banks, legal advisers and notaries
Domiciliation and registered office
  • Setting up a registered office and address
  • Post incorporation services and structure implementation
  • Sale of ready-made companies and Special Purpose Vehicles
  • Drafting of the minutes of meetings
  • Maintenance of registers of shareholders and/or bondholders
  • Protection and archiving of corporate documents and records as required by law
  • Servicing for liquidation and re-domiciliation
  • Provision of office space and staff
Corporate secretarial

Marbury is able to provide a full range of corporate administrative services in all jurisdictions in our Global Network. For many of our clients, from growing businesses to multi-nationals, we provide a comprehensive service including:

  • Appointed company secretary
  • Arranging and attending board meetings and taking minutes
  • Preparing and circulating board meeting briefing documents
  • Ensuring all statutory returns and fees are submitted
  • All corporate compliance
  • Preparation and management of data rooms for due diligence purposes
  • Efficient management of correspondence and communications
  • Maintenance of accurate records available for inspection at any time

Provision of resident and offshore directorships

Process agents

When an asset is owned by a foreign SPV, legal documentation may require a service address where the asset is located.

  • accepting, handling and forwarding documentation as pre-instructed
  • providing a legal address for contract purposes
Shareholder services: Principal Office and Registrar and Transfer Agency
  • Principal office services
  • Appointment as registrar and transfer agent for corporates (particularly for IPOs)
  • Regular updates
  • Communication and reporting