Business Partner to Compass

Business structuring and re-organising

Whatever the size, new ventures in Asia or elsewhere can do with some local help. Our professionals help our clients to understand local operating conditions, tax regulations and company law. Marbury will help to obtain trading licenses and business premises – we’ll even lend you a desk in our office.

Our services include:

  • Listening
  • Establishing or re-organising the legal structure
  • Risk management and compliance with local tax and reporting requirements
  • Payroll and contracts
  • Bookkeeping, accounts and management reporting
  • Corporate secretarial services

Part-sale and sale planning

Taking on a new partner (strategic or financial) or exiting on sale may need some careful thought and trusted advice. Risks for business owners include legal and operational considerations that may not seem clear at the time the deal is struck. There are many options available to sellers and buyers and Marbury will help guide its clients through the most appropriate course of action.

Our leadership team includes high profile mergers and acquisitions lawyers with 30 years of experience to help you align the sale or exit with your plans and ambitions.

  • Define the investment in the business to be protected
  • Devise a strategy to grow and enhance the business
  • Transition planning
  • Avoid common pitfalls